Mule & Donkey Training Techniques

Discover how to communicate with your mule or donkey and get results!  Learn techniques to build trust and get results — and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Training from Steve Edwards to keep you moving forward.

Mule and rider on the ranch

Earl and Cheryl

Cheryl sent in these photos of her and her mule Earl during their ride up in Garden Valley, Idaho. Cheryl said she uses only Steve Edwards gear and it has transformed her rides from ‘okay’

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Woman riding mule, man riding mule

Destiny and Lewis, Stan and Reliance

Billie sent us these photos of daughter Destiny with her mule Lewis and Stan with his mule, Reliance. Fun fact, Reliance was actually used in Steve’s video, After the Wreck. What a small world! Lewis

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Goliath and Emma

Vicki sent this photo of her daughter, Emma, riding their 8 year old mammoth, Goliath. They were looking for a saddle and bought Steve’s Trail Lite Saddle — Vicki says they both find it very

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Mule tacked with saddle, cinches, beta brichen, beta breast collar, and saddle pad

Dan the Mule

David sent this photo of his mule, Dan, sporting his new duds. Decked out in Steve’s Trail Lite Saddle, Saddle Pad, Beta Breast Collar, and Cinches. What would you say to someone who is thinking

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Belle and Fabien

This picture of Belle was sent by owner Fabien, all the way from France! Fabien has Belle decked out with Steve’s Cowboy Saddle, Beta Britchen, and Beta Breast Collar. What would you say to someone

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