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Be one of the first to own Steve’s newest saddle!

The Buckaroo Lite Saddle from Steve Edwards is the perfect saddle for those looking to stay light in the saddle without sacrificing comfort.

Crafted with a standard Steve Edwards wood tree, sealed with a fiberglass coating to protect against weathering, and featuring an unpadded seat, it weighs in at just 18 pounds, the Buckaroo Saddle is built for work and built to last.

Each saddle comes with a 5-Year workmanship warranty.

This saddle comes with Steve Edwards Signature Saddle Fit video to teach you how to unpack, prepare, set up, and care for your saddle. You’ll learn how to place your saddle to work perfectly with your britchen, breast collar, saddle pad, and cinches for the perfect ride.

If you have questions before or after purchasing your saddle, call or email steve at 602-999-MULE (6853) or [email protected].

NOTE: All of Steve’s saddles come with 4 Tie Straps.

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Product Description

The Buckaroo Lite Saddle from Steve Edwards is the perfect saddle for those looking to stay light in the saddle without sacrificing comfort.

Crafted with a standard Steve Edwards wood tree, coated in fiberglass for durability, and features an unpadded seat, it weighs in at just 18 pounds.

Even with the extremely light, 18-pound frame, this saddle is incredibly sturdy and reliable.

Light saddles like the Buckaroo Lite are ideal for riders with back, knee, or hip issues who still demand a dependable, durable saddle for their mule. The light weight goes a long way in preventing added pressure and pain of heavier saddles.

Nylon Tie Straps Included with Your Saddle

Each saddle comes with 4 nylon tie straps. Some customers ask about replacing the tie straps with billets and we strongly discourage this. The cinches need to be balanced and centered which is why we ship with nylon tie straps. Billets do not allow for the cinches to be centered and as a result, the saddle will roll and not be balanced. Billets result in the cinch being higher on one side than the other.

Who Is This Saddle For?

Men often find themselves slouching forward in the saddle and that’s why we designed the Buckaroo Lite Saddle with no padding. This fits the way the man sits the saddle much better than a padded seat. Women tend to prefer a padded seat because of the way their body is positioned in the saddle against the seat. Men are completely different and that’s why a non-padded seat often makes a more comfortable ride for the man.

This saddle is not by any means male only, but male preferred.

Will This Saddle Fit My Mule?

This saddle, like all Steve Edwards Signature Saddles, is designed to fit the bone structure of the mule, a bone structure the mule gets from the donkey (making this saddle designed to fit the donkey, too). Unlike standard quarter-horse saddles and custom saddles, Steve Edwards saddles are made to fit the bone structure and not muscle mass. This means it will fit your mule or donkey even as the weight of the animal (and muscle) fluctuates over the year.

Buckaroo Lite Saddle Details

Here is what makes the Buckaroo Lite Saddle unique and lightweight!

  • Unpadded Seat
  • High-Quality Durable Imitation Fleece Lined Skirt*
  • Nylon front and rear tie straps, latigos (cinches sold separately)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Mule and donkey-designed rigging plate.

*Why imitation lining? With over 45 years of riding, Steve has found the wool lining needs to be replaced every five years. New imitation wool provides equal wear time to wool itself. Wool was originally used because cowboys never used any type of blanket under the saddle – wool was used as the saddle was placed directly on the animal. This imitation fleece lining also works in tandem with Steve Edwards Saddle Pads, creating a velcro-like grip that helps to keep the saddle secure and in place.

Stirrups or Tapaderos

Many riders prefer their own stirrups. Steve recommends Tapaderos for all riders not only because they prevent the rider’s foot from sliding through the stirrup and becoming a safety concern, but also because the tapaderos protect the rider’s footwear from being roughed up and damaged by trees, brush, rocks, or other objects scraping up against the foot while riding. The Tapaderos take the abuse. Queen Valley Mule Ranch offers Standard Stirrups, Overshoe Stirrups, and Tapaderos.


Additional Information

Many riders prefer their own stirrups.  Please note that stirrups or taps may be added to your saddle for an additional charge.  Saddles come with 2 1/2-inch wide stirrup leathers.  Steve recommends Tapaderos as the safest stirrup.  We also offer a top-of-the-line, leather-covered stirrup.

Contact Steve for pricing on stamping designs, questions, and information on in-stock saddles and matching tack at [email protected] or call (602) 999-MULE.

Support & Help for Your New Saddle

Every Steve Edwards Saddle comes with Steve’s Signature Saddle Fit video that shows you how to unpack your saddle, prepare to ride, and tack up your saddle properly with breast collar, front and rear cinches, britchen, stirrups or tapaderos, and saddle pad.

But that’s not all! Your saddle comes with help from Steve Edwards himself! That’s right. Your new saddle is designed to fit and to make sure you get the most exciting and authentic experience, Steve will review photos of your saddle fit and work with you to get everything in the right place. You and your mule or donkey deserve the joy of happiness from the saddle and Steve’s here to help you get exactly that!

Give Steve a call if you have any questions at 602-999-6853 or email him at [email protected].

2 reviews for Buckaroo Lite Saddle

  1. Jolanda Poland (verified owner)

    Awesome saddle love it so much and my mule loves it even more. Yeah really great saddle, easy to lift easy to handle great riding good seat AVBSOLUTELY GREAT SADDLE FOR TRAIL RIDES

  2. Terrell Huddleston

    I have a great heavy 45 pound saddle that is getting hard for me to lift and I have a young donkey that doesn’t need any extra weight. So I bought the 18 pound buckaroo saddle. I set it up just like Steve recommends with neoprene saddle pad and cinches. This saddle is just as comfortable for me as my 45 pound saddle and it is working great on my witherless young donkey. The surprise was my 26 year old mule was slowing down some, but when I saddle her with my buckaroo saddle she really moves out again, she really appreciates this saddle, the pad and the cinches!! I really appreciate Steve’s advice and personalized service!

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