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Fully adjustable rope halter for mules and donkeys. The system of knots communicates to the most important parts of the animal for maximum communication and the ultimate ground foundation training.

The knots should be placed two-fingers above the nostril and, since the mule and donkey care more about their nose than anything else, the rope halter will put just the right amount of pressure to communicate exactly what you want your animal to do. All he wants is to be comfortable.

IMPORTANT: If you have never worked with a Rope Halter, we strongly encourage you purchase the Ground Foundation Starting Kit, which includes an accompanying training video where Steve demonstrates HOW to get results with your new training tool.

What size do you need? Mules and donkeys 16HH and under should choose the regular size and 16HH and larger should choose the large size. If your mule is under 16HH but has a very large head, choose the large size. Both sizes are fully adjustable.

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Product Description

The halter is the most important tool in your tack room. When adjusted correctly the halter will teach your mule or donkey how to back up, turn right and left, and stop.

This halter is fully adjustable and only weighs 3oz.


Watch this video to learn more about halter adjustment.

23 reviews for Rope Halter

  1. Joanna Minton

    This halter has owrked wonders for us with our molly mule! It’s got great connection with the nose, the knots are done in the right spots and the quality is the best. Thanks for a great product.

  2. Linda Cramer (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Steve’s halters. I now have two. I ordered a new one for my new smaller mule. I had one for my now deceased older mule. Her halter hung on her pasture gate in all kinds of weather and to this day is as strong as it was the day I bought it. I have a ‘pretty’ cheap rope halter that is being trashed as every time it is used, it stretches and has to be adjusted. As they say, you get what you pay for. Buy Steve’s halter and you only have to buy it once.

  3. Matt (verified owner)

    Good halter for training your mule highly recommend it.

  4. kat mcdonald (verified owner)

    We tried using standard halters for our donkeys, but they never fit quite right.
    I ordered Steve’s halters and the halters fit great. Thanks QVR.

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    Great quality and fits well! I would definitely buy this again.

  6. Scott (verified owner)

    Great rope halter watched adjusting techniques on video the nose adjustment is effective

  7. Sam Crawford (verified owner)

    Love it!!! Knots are loose in order to adjust it just for your mule. Amazed at how well it works, just like Steve shows in the videos!!!

  8. Dave (verified owner)

    Quality rope halters. I got these for standard donkeys and they work great. They need to be adjusted, so make certain to watch Steve’s videos to do this.

  9. David Hickman (verified owner)

    Great quality. Fast shipping. I would definitely buy again.

  10. Janna Griffin (verified owner)

    I love be the s rope halter! The rope is top notch and I love how adjustable it is. Worth every penny!

  11. Terry (verified owner)

    Love this halter! My donk, Smokey, responds very well when wearing it. Well made, thank you!

  12. jimdguist (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and follow up from Steve. The halters were perfect.

  13. JOSH WOODS (verified owner)

    Without this halter, my mule would just stand there. Now, WITH the halter, he sits on a 5 gallon buck and plays the piano. Awesome halter!

  14. Bob Gonyea (verified owner)

    I have always used the “traditional” leather mule halters with a chain. They work but sometimes I feel like a masochist. When adjust properly (watch the videos) I get all the respect I need from these light rope halters and I can’t help believe the girls don’t like them better.

  15. Wanda Slaven (verified owner)

    Hello Steve, Thanks For Reaching Out., Our Clarince’s Has Been Alot Easier To Train N’d Work With Since We Purchased Our RopeHalter Down @ Big South Fork River/ DanielBoone, Don’t Be A Stranger Next Time Y’all Need A Get Away Give Us A Holler.,Thank You Steve, Sincerely Bob N’d N’d Wanda Slaven 

  16. Krystyna Boisse

    After checking out a handful of the articles on your website, I honestly appreciate your way of writing a blog. I saved it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my website as well and let me know your opinion.

  17. Stacey Mcgill (verified owner)

    Great product & training program has helped a lot!

  18. Ronald Sowers (verified owner)

    The rope halter is very nice, once adjusted my mule responds with very little pressure

  19. Forrest Book (verified owner)

    This halter is much easier to adjust to your mule than a regular halter. I tried to use 1 of the many I had lying around but I just couldn’t get it right so I gave in and ordered one. It was so easy to adjust since the knots were already close to what works for our little mule. Love it. Nice quality as well.

  20. Harry Deloach (verified owner)

    Come along rope is almost beyond belief. It works great. I haven’t been able to get the new rope halter on Sadie Lou yet. Will give you an up date soon on the rope halter.

  21. Randy Daniels (verified owner)

    Works great, easy to adjust.

  22. Jane Lane (verified owner)

    Really liked the halter but apparently my other mule did not he worked the knots under the chin loose and it let the nose piece fall and my mule got it in his mouth and couldn’t get it out cut his mouth both sides, found him that way in morning, got halter off and have left off a few days. Trying to figure out how to fix the knot back up so we can use it.

  23. Harry Deloach (verified owner)

    I like my halter, because of the work I can do with my mule in a short time. Great training device.

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Can I use this rope halter on a mini-donkey?

Absolutely. Make sure to properly adjust it to fit the animal.

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